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What is ACH?

ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House network. Funds move from one bank account to another with the help of an intermediary that routes funds to the final destination. This type of payment can provide benefits for both merchants and consumer. They are inexpensive, they can be automated and record keeping is […]

United TranzActions certifies Tempus Technologies on Check Guarantee Solution

Miramar, Florida United TranzActions (UTA), the leading provider of check guarantee services and electronic payment processing solutions, announced today that it has certified integration with Tempus Technologies, Inc., a leading electronic payment software provider, to support its industry-leading check guarantee service through the Tempus PaymentMate check processing interface. This certification will support the processing of Check Guarantee transactions for both scanned and manually entered checks.

Signature Optional! Visa continues improving EMV Acceptance.

From 14 April 2018, EMV-enabled merchants in the U.S. and Canada have the option to stop capturing signatures as a method of cardholder verification. Those same merchants will also no longer be required to retain and store transaction receipts.

Uta’s Credit Card Surcharging Guide

The subject of credit card surcharging has generated a great deal of interest and confusion in the payment industry. To help navigate you through some of the rules, UTA has answered many of the primary questions posed by its customers that have implemented surcharging.